Water Wolf

Water Wolf Underwater HD Camera Kit

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The Water Wolf Underwater HD Camera Kit comes with all the accessories needed for multiple filming options. This camera kit can be used for trolling, casting, float, or bottom rig carp fishing. This 10-piece kit is extremely versatile and lets you see more underwater than you ever have before.

The hydrodynamic design and careful placement of weight, ensures low drag and a stable movement through water. Water Wolf also has the right balance between weight and volume to ensure just the right buoyancy. The window in front of the lens is cast as part of the housing. This is the reason why Water Wolf can go deeper than almost any other camera down there. There is only one button and no need for an external case to make it waterproof. Simple, durable and designed for fishing.

  • Waterproof down to 330 feet
  • More shock resistant
  • Fitted with a 100% battery charge mark indicator
  • Adorned in a CamoTech Green Housing-color
  • Uniquely designed and engineered
  • Super anti-wobling retrieve
  • 4 hours recording
  • Protected by 3 different patents
  • Includes: camera, lens protective cap, USB cable, universal fishing mount, Go Pro converter, universal filming mount, and brass weights