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PowerPro Super 8 Slick Microfilament Braid

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PowerPro Super 8 Slick Microfilament Braid features 8 yarn spectra fiber construction, is braided under high tension giving it a "smooth as silk" feeling. The castability is greatly increased due to the reduced line friction on the spool as well as the rod guides. Super 8 Slick Microfilament Braid is much quieter than most braids making it easier to fish with stealth. Super 8 Slick is much less affected by saltwater, UV rays, and most chemicals and solvents. The life of Super Slick line is much longer than monofilament lines (as a general rule, it lasts five times longer than monofilament lines). With Super Slick, you'll land fish, and lose less tackle.

PowerPro Super 8 Slick Microfilament Braid is composed of polyethylene, a very slick plastic. In fact, the only material that is slicker than Spectra is teflon. Spectra, combined with PowerPro's enhanced body technology, makes a smoother and quieter line, which is gentler on rod guides and reels than the older styles of braids. Super 8 Slick Microfilament Braid has a slightly lower specific gravity than water. Unlike heavier nylon and Dacron lines that sink, Super Slick will tend to stay towards the surface. This means that you’ll get quicker control of your fish after the hook up because there is less of a belly in the line. Aqua green is a great low impact color for a stealthy presentation when fish are line wary. This line is much thinner than monofilament.

  • Superb knot strength
  • Will not dig in on the spool
  • Near zero stretch
  • Incredible sensitivity
  • Zero reel memory
  • Will not cut into rod guides
  • 150 Yard Spool