P-Line Shinsei Fluorocarbon Leader Material

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P-Line Shinsei Fluorocarbon Leader Material is not like other fluorocarbon lines. Not all fluorocarbons are created equal. To produce the perfect fluorocarbon, you have to start with the best raw materials attainable, which is the foundation for P-Line's new Shinsei fluorocarbon. By using the purest, cleanest fluorocarbon crystals available, P-Line has produced the most invisible fluorocarbon on the market. After spending tireless hours in research and development with a team of Japanese engineers, P-Line has developed the perfect combination of strength, stretch, and durability. The end result is a product which will absorb shock, while having the attributes needed for tying the perfect leader or creating the ultimate top shot. Whether you're fishing for huge tuna or stealthy steelhead, Shinsei is the ultimate choice for leader material.

We offer P-Line Shinsei Fluorocarbon Leader Material in 27 yd. (25 meter) spools. Light lines come on small leader spools, while heavier lines come on leader wheels. The line color is clear.