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HT Original Polar Tip Up

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The HT Enterprises Deluxe Polar Tip-Up is a durable, plastic tip up.

Features of the HT Enterprises Deluxe Polar Tip-Up include:

  • Ultra-smooth, multiple designed trip shaft
  • Guaranteed not to "freeze up" in sub-zero temps
  • Frame has unique V-shape for easy removal from the ice
  • Unique line guide designed for easy in and out line placement, yet line guide holds line in while fishing
  • "Ends" on frame for fast line pick-up when it's time to pack up
  • The flag wire is on a slight angle so it can be placed on either side of trip shaft for lighter or heavier trip settings
  • Three holes in bottom of the reel for hooking your hook to keep leaders straight
  • Constructed of solid, high-impact A.B.S. black or bright orange plastic that is stronger than wood
  • Base can be used for a line wrapping board

The base of the HT Enterprises Deluxe Polar Tip-Up measures 1712 inches in length.

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