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HT Enterprises "Windlass" Tip-Up

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The HT Enterprises "Windlass" Tip-Up is a unique "jigging" tip-up. A slight action of the breeze causes the Windlass to jig the line. This tip-up is made of solid, high impact A.B.S. plastic that is stronger than wood and features a v-shaped frame to help prevent the tip-up from sticking to the ice.

  • Base Length: 13 in.
  • Spool Capacity: 200 ft.
  • High impact A.B.S. plastic construction
  • "Ends" on frame for quick line pick-up
  • Unique spring adjustment bracket for different weighted lures
  • New drag feature on spool for different tension settings
  • V-shaped frame prevents tip-up from sticking to ice
  • Plastic coated, extra high blaze orange flag for durability and visibility
  • Base can be used for a line wrapping board
  • Steel wind fan is coated to prevent rusting