Hawken Aero Float

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The Hawken Fishing Aero Floats are designed to give a very unique floating action. These floats are made on a lathe, then hand painted with high quality paints. This manufacturing process produces a perfectly uniform body which makes them float correctly regardless of the water conditions.

The Hawken Fishing Aero Float has two coats of non-reflective paint so they are glare free even in the brightest conditions. On the back of every package, there is a visual description on how to rig the float correctly to your line.

The Hawken Fishing Aero AF2 Floats have two carbon fiber stems which combine visibility and sensitivity. This Float is perfectly weighted and designed to ride higher in the water making it ideal for long or choppy drifts. The bottom stem assists with tracking and overall sensitivity by going deeper into the water column. Each float comes with 2 silicone sleeves.