Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw Magnum Inline Reel

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The Eagle Claw Magnum Inline Reel holds all of the power and precision you need in one reel. Made specifically for ice fishing, this reel has a one-of-a-kind design that prevents line twist and gives you complete control over your presentation. The graphite body has all the strength and durability that is necessary, and is home to a 4+1 ball bearing system supported by a free-spool button and precision spool tension knob. With a smooth and consistent Teflon drag, the Eagle Claw Magnum Inline Reel is hard to beat!

  • Nylon body and spool
  • Smooth Teflon drag
  • Spool tension adjustment
  • Free spool release button
  • Reduced line twist
  • Star drag
  • Line clicker