BOOYAH Blade - Double Willow Blade 3/8oz. Spinnerbait

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BOOYAH Blade Spinnerbait

Some anglers believe that all spinnerbaits are pretty much the same, and BOOYAH fans are fine with letting that slide. The BOOYAH brotherhood knows that eventually, those guys will tire of bent wires, cheap skirts, dull hooks and flimsy components, and only then will those anglers be worthy of throwing a BOOYAH Blade. The Blade is simply the most-effective, most-dependable spinnerbait on the market.

Bring A Blade To A Bass Fight

The effectiveness of the BOOYAH Blade starts with the wire. BOOYAH uses Flex wire as the main frame, which are stronger with more memory than the wires on other spinnerbaits. Most important, though, is that it produces more vibration than other wires, which translates into stronger fish-attraction. Blades are jeweler's grade gold and nickel-plated, and are attached via a high-quality ball-bearing swivel. The premium round-bend hook features a Plasti-Keeper Spike at the top that holds trailers securely, and the skirt consists of 55 strands of silicone. The head features 3D eyes and red flared gills, and is covered in a hard-coat paint.


With a variety of sizes, blade combinations and colors, the BOOYAH Blade spinnerbait is at home in a variety of fishing situations. With or without a trailer, the BOOYAH Blade catches bass for the best anglers on the water.

BOOYAH Blade Spinnerbait

  • Jeweler's grade gold and nickel-plated blades
  • 55-strand silicone skirt
  • Premium round bend hook with Plasti-Keeper Spike
  • 3D eyes, flared gills and hard coat paint