Okuma Magda Pro DXT Line Counter Prespooled Copper Reel

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  • $ 109.99

Okuma Magda Pro DXT Line Counter Prespooled Copper Reels have been professionally prespooled with Morgans Copper, 150 yards of 30 pound PowerPro braided backing, and 50 feet of 20 pound leader.

These reels are designed with a modern look, plus all the performance features anglers want. These reels are built to be durable and long-lasting with a corrosion-resistant frame, sideplates, and graphite spool. The Carbonite drag system displaces heat and friction consistently and steadily, providing a wider, smoother drag range for the ultimate in fish-stopping power. Okuma Magda Pro DXT Line Counter Reels are lightweight and affordable, making them a must-have for walleye, lake trout, steelhead, and salmon trolling anglers.

  • Prespooled with lead core, backing, and leader
  • Line counter measuring line in feet
  • Machine cut brass and stainless gears
  • Oversized multi-disc drag
  • Oversized star drag for quick adjustments
  • One-piece, corrosion resistant graphite frame
  • Flush fitting graphite reel clamp
  • Selectable line clicker