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Silver Horde Ace Hi Cut Plug

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Silver Horde Ace Hi Cut Plugs are slender trolling plugs featuring a barrel swivel with fixed hooks. With a unique, wider body design, these lures have the ability to be trolled at a much faster pace when compared to other salmon trolling plugs. Silver Horde Ace Hi Cut Plugs are perfect for catching all trout and salmon species in the Great Lakes and West Coast fisheries. All plugs are handmade and constructed of high-grade plastic. Equipped with corrosion-resistant rigging and super-sharp hooks, these plugs are sure to not disappoint!

  • Available in a wide variety of fish-attracting colors
  • Each plug measures five inches in length
  • Handmade and finished
  • Great for catching salmon and trout
  • Qty. per pack: 1

Silver Horde Ace Hi Cut Plugs are made in the U.S.A.