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Thank you again to all the participants that fished the SHO Summer Challange.  The Top 7 boats will compete next week for a $1,000.00 Grand Prize Next Thursday.  Weigh in will start at 10:15 with boats weighing in from order form 7th to 1st.  Come out an join us at weigh in for the last event of the season.   SHO Summer Challenge Tournament Finals   Kunnen/Beckman 7 score 756  Steve DeGroot/Eric Czarnopis 7 score 754  Nate Ferris/Jeff Bergquist 7 score 751 Josh Driesenga/Nick Avink 7 score 747 Venemal/Taylor 7 score 746 Guptill/Alder 7 score 740 Reinhold/McHaney/Reinhold 7 score 737...

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